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The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester

Education - Conservation - Rescue - Bird Welfare

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Specialized Owl & Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary exists to support a large number of captive bred birds that have been placed in our care as either unwanted pets or have been handed to us from court cases where they have been legally confiscated due to cruelty or mis-treatment.

Supporting rescued captive bred birds that have come in from the growing pet trade creates many challenges, which we address day by day, what we do have, which is very special is a relaxing & safe environment where pre-booked visitors/guests can relax & unwind in a friendly & educational environment.

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In Memory of Gyzmo 1995 - 2014 RIP

Sanctuary cannot open to the public like a Zoo, it’s simply a Sanctuary where the birds can work with a small team of carers who work tirelessly to help rehabilitate them to regain trust in people, some are faster than others in their rehabilitation & some will simply rebel, we never give up which means life in the Sanctuary ticks along at the birds pace, not ours.

The ethos of our Sanctuary with help from a special Barn Owl called Gyzmo, which was set up in 1997, is to operate it with feet firmly on the ground, the work of our charity is very simple, BIRD WELFARE – CONSERVATION – EDUCATION.

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